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Sage IT announces DISCO® - ROI Leasing Program with attractive leasing/financing benefits          |       Sage IT will be exhibiting DISCO® - ROI solution in OkHIMA 2014 Annual Convention on Nov 6-7, 2014 at Embassy Suites on Meridian in Oklahoma!
Hospital building


Supporting public/private hospitals and local health systems with large ROI process needs.

VA hospitals


Complete ROI fulfillment across the network for easy access and secured environment.



Simplifying ROI request process and delivering information within short turnaround time.

What is DISCO®?

DISCO®(DIgital Secure COpy) – A new digital release of information (ROI) solution that revolutionizes the way health information management and medical records department provide portable data to patients, healthcare practitioners, and other requesting parties.


Manage all your ROI needs at one place and access anywhere securely

DISCO® lets your requestors have a secured copy of their medical records in a digital format at their convenience from any location. Your staff can manage, monitor and generate productivity reports anytime through the built-in database.


Simple and User Friendly Interface

Easy to understand, step by step ROI process and interacts securely with PM/EMR Systems, to completion of the CD/DVD copy.


HIPAA/HL7 Standards Compliant

Complies with HIPAA regulations on security, privacy of information and government requirements for electronic patient information.


Paper/Hybrid/EMR Compatible

Supports multiple ROI practice environments using paper charts, hybrid systems and EMR/EHR environment.


Encrypted and Password Protected

Employs digital signature and password protection. Provides digital watermarking on CD preventing unauthorized access.

Learn more about DISCO® ROI Solution!

Schedule a demo today to find out how DISCO® solution can help your facility’s ROI requirements and process your release of medical/patient records more securely.


Karen H., HIM Director

DISCO allowed us to centralize and automate our Release of information process. We increased staff productivity, reduced copying costs, and reduced our risks

Linda Lovell, ROI Manager

DISCO was offered as a complete turnkey solution that reduced our team’s massive ROI work process in three easy steps, thereby decreased printing of enormous paper records in turn saving costs!

Craig Cheryl, RHIA Director

DISCO provided us the flexibility ease of use for generating our own in-house ROI fulfillment requests more efficiently.